greeniron (greeniron) wrote,

Adventures in Audacity -- the Compressor Effect

When I record, I find that my volume levels can vary widely from too loud to too soft.  The Compressor effect levels out the volume swings and makes sure that none of the audio is too soft.  After I am done recording and editing, I select the entire narration track (or multiple tracks if necessary) and select "Compressor" from the "Effects" menu.  There are a number of potential settings but so far I've just ignored the options and clicked "OK."  The result is a clear and even podfic narration.  A more sophisticated user could experiment and fine tune the results but so far the defaults seem to work well for me.   

I tend to think of the Compressor as the magic tool but there's a good, brief explanation in the "Audacity Tutorial - Mixing a Narration with Background Music" (  
Tags: adventures in audacity

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