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Vid Recs -- Natasha from the Avengers

I really like the Black Widow in the Avengers films.  Or maybe I adore the fanfiction version of the Black Widow in the movies.  Regardless the following are fun vids.

I Don't Believe in Fairy Tales by TatyanaOracle (HD available):

This is a Natasha/Clint vid.  I like the choice of music -- "I don't believe in fairy tales but I believe in you and me" is a good motto for them.  I also like how the vidder made a virtue of necessity in dealing with the imbalance of clips available between Natasha and Clint:  Natasha is almost always in motion while Clint is mostly stationary which works with him as a sniper and as the one in need of rescue. 

Settle Down by almostgaby -- the vid seems to have been removed from youtube but you can still download it from mediafire

The vid is very technically well done with a great choice of clips. (At least to my uneducated eye.)  The great part is watching Natasha "trying to get a hold on this" as people keep doing stupid things all around her.  I hadn't realized how many great "you idiot" facial expressions she made until I watched this vid.

So What by kaydeefalls

The last isn't really strictly a Natasha vid.  The vidder describes it as "A tribute to the kickass ladies of the Avengers cinematic universe" and that's just what it is.  The song is a lot of fun and the clips are great -- not just the expected Natasha ones but others like Peggy Carter punching a GI and shooting Steve.   (I'd forgotten how much I liked Peggy and Steve.) 
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