greeniron (greeniron) wrote,

Horseshoes and Handgrenades by Omphales -- DS Gen -- sortof RayK/Fraser

Podfic: Horseshoes and Handgrenades by Omphales 
Readers: Luzula, Crinklysolution, Helens78
Length: 2:27:16
Fandom: Due South -- mostly gen with implied RayK/Fraser

The original story is written in documentary style -- letters and interview clips mixed with traditional narrative and sprinkled with historical photographs.  It's very well suited to podfic and the unconventional style was embelished by including several well-chosen selections of historical audio.   With three readers, it's easy to follow the quickly shifting points of view.  Omphale builds the canon alienation of all three main male characters, in their very different ways, into the World War II setting.  Fraser's ghosts, Vecchio's restlessness, and Kowalski's anger all fit well with their experiences first as soldiers and then as veterans trying to find their footing after the war.   The result is a fascinating way to spend two and a half hours.
Tags: fandom: due south, pairing: gen, pairing: rayk/fraser, workplace safe

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