greeniron (greeniron) wrote,

Adventures in Audacity -- Using the Labeling Track

I'm currently working on a larger project and I keep getting lost in my editing, forgetting where I am in relationship to the text and the audio.  One thing that helps is the Audacity "Labeling Track".  Go to the "Tracks" menu and select "Add New."  Select "Label" as type of track.  You can type directly in the label track, leaving notes to describe the current section or directions for future editing.  In this case, I've had to resort to numbering the story paragraphs via my word processor and typing paragraph numbers periodically into the track. (Sadly, I wasn't exaggerating  about getting lost -- )  If you select "Sync Lock Tracks" on the "Tracks" menu, the audio and label tracks will stay aligned despite editing.  I think there is a better way to do this last bit via the Alignment command but I haven't figured out how that works yet. 
Tags: adventures in audacity

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